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Searching for Doctors, Healthcare Providers, Medical and Healthcare Centres

Doctors & specialties

Our website aims to bring together users (patients) doctors of all specialties in the area they need them.

Medical and Healthcare Centres

Also, we want to give to the users the choice of the nearest or most suitable medical / healthcare center.

If you are a user or patient

Step 1: Search for a Doctor
Users (patients) can search for the Doctor needed through the search engine on the home page. The patient chooses the nearest town of his convenience in the country located. The search results will display all registered medical practitioners under the chosen specialization.
Step 2: Choose a doctor
Step 3: Book an appointment or contact the doctor
Step 4: Appointment confirmation

If you are a Doctor

Step 1: Registration
Subscribe to our website within 5 minutes.
Step 2: Choose visiting hours
Step 3: Setup your profile
Step 4: Registration Completed

If you are a medical center or clinic

  • If you are a medical center or medical services provider you can enroll in one of our categories so you can appear when a user makes a search.

  • If you cannot find the category you would like to be part of, you can send email to [email protected] in order to include the category you want.

  • In this category, users will not be able to book their appointments but can find the address, map, communication and the website of the medical center or medical services provider.

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