FAQ Page

What is the cost for members (doctors, medical centers or medical services) and how is it paid?

The cost for Doctors is 199 Euro per year, the cost for Medical and Healthcare  Centres is 360 Euro per year, and can be paid via paypal with your credit card. We reserve the right to make offers when we enter a new market.

Why a doctor, a medical center or a medical service provider should use the DOCTOR-TIME.COM?

Registered members (doctors, medical centers and medical service providers) can have various benefits from using of our website. They have the opportunity to see their next day schedule, their next available appointment and check visits (clicks) from potential patients. Automatically, you become a member of our website where doctors from around the globe submit their details, making their work easier and know at any time their schedule. The medical world can enjoy the facilities provided by the internet. Doctors can publish articles and opinions enriching the knowledge of their patients and their colleagues.

Of course, the benefits are unlimited and not described above. Contact a member of our team and will enlighten you on whatever you need.

Why a patient should use DOCTOR-TIME.COM?

With a simple search, the patient is able to find the nearest doctor he/she needs, read his resume, see the working hours and book the most convenient appointment for him. You can find and contact details in case you want to speak with your doctor or medical center.

How long does it take to register to DOCTOR-TIME.COM?

Registration is simple and requires no more than 2 minutes.

With whom is able a patient to book an appointment?

The user can make an appointment with any doctor is registered on our website. Also, he can find the necessary contact information for medical center or medical service provider who has subscribed to our website.

How accurate are the doctors’ appointment?

The doctor receives notifications for every appointment booked from our website and is required to update his appointments accordingly. Our website provides all tools to the doctors in order to be as accurate appointments as possible.

Terms & Conditions

The doctor registered has the obligation to serve the patient’s appointment booked through our website. Our website is not used as advertising medium but as booking and data entry website for doctors, medical centers and providers of medical services.

Our website is not responsible for false or incorrect information.

Our website is not associated with the remuneration of doctors, medical center or medical services beyond the annual subscription providers they have to pay in our website. Our website is not liable if a doctor, health center or medical service has not updated correctly his appointments.

Users / patients do not need to pay anything for using our website.